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Zanatlijska 7, 15000 Šabac (RS)

Pozovite nas: +385 (0)15 605 650
Monday to friday
from 8 - 15:30h
On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, we are only available by appointment and in emergencies.
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If your invoice consists of several sheets, please put everything in one PDF file (Maximum file size 10MB)

Ako se vaš teretni nalog sastoji od više listova, spakujte sve u jednu PDF datoteku (maksimalna veličina datoteke 10MB)
If your freight order consists of multiple sheets, please pack everything into one PDF file (Maximum file size 10MB)

If your proof of delivery consists of several sheets then pack them into one PDF (maximum file size 10MB)

Please note that if your data is incomplete or illegible we will not be able to process it further. Payment will only be made after receipt of the original invoice and PODs (complete) per portal or mail.

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